How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials + GIVEAWAY

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more!

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more!1. Oeuf Rhea Crib  2. Naturepedic Mattress 3. Ergobaby Carrier 4. DockATot Deluxe 5. Nuna Mixx Stroller 6. Nuna Pippa Car Seat 7. 4Moms Mamaroo 8. Little Unicorn Swaddles 9. Skip Hop Bandana Kitty 10. Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Nobody tells you how hard it is to choose baby gear. When I first started considering all of the things I would need for a new baby, I was overwhelmed by the selection. How do you choose the best gear for your baby? How do you know what your baby will like or dislike? How do you know what is the safest gear? How do you know how much you will really need?

I read a lot of information and spoke with other moms for recommendations. I didn’t want to purchase more than I needed but wanted to have the important gear and essentials on hand before my little girl arrives this summer. Once I narrowed down a list of must-have items, I realized it was difficult to find everything I needed in one place. I like quick one-stop online shopping but many stores didn’t carry all of the products I wanted to purchase. Today, I’m sharing my tips for choosing the best baby gear featuring one of my favorite online baby shops. I am also offering a $100 gift card towards the purchase of baby gear and a 10% off coupon code so don’t forget to scroll at the way to the bottom of the post for more details!

While researching strollers, I stumbled upon The Baby Cubby, a one-stop shop for everything baby. Once I realized they had everything I needed, offered great customer service and free and fast shipping I placed order for all of the items featured in this guide.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials

(1) Use online guides and read reviews.

Online guides, such as How to Choose the Right Car Seat, The Diaper Bag Buying Guide and 30 Gear Essentials for First Time Moms, are great places to start. Not only do they provide recommendations, you can also compare what everyone is saying to find the best products that work. I used most of the guides as a starting point. Use Amazon and other online baby shops to compare reviews of the products.

(2) Talk to real moms.

Real moms who recently had babies are even better. Every time I speak to a new mom willing to offer advice, I take it. After all, I want to know what works or doesn’t work for them so I can evaluate what I actually need. I find that a lot of moms offer suggestions for items I never even considered.

(3) Don’t over purchase or under purchase.

You can easily go crazy purchasing baby gear because there are so many options. Many online stores include suggestions for what to add to your registry, including items you will probably never use. Focus on the baby gear and essentials you need. One mom told me she didn’t realize how much of some things she would need including swaddles, burp clothes, small towels, etc. Don’t be afraid to stock up on items you think you will use, especially if they will save you time.

(4) Ask questions.

If you have specific questions about a product you are considering, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer or shop where you are purchasing the product. Because I purchased almost all of my baby gear and essentials from The Baby Cubby, their experts and customer service reps answered many of the questions I had regarding certain products. By answering a few lingering questions I had, it made my decision much easier and gave me the confidence to know I was making a knowledgable decision.

(5) Start your research as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until the last minute or else you might purchase something on a whim that ends up not working or you might not be able to find the product at all. With popular baby gear, it’s quite possible that it will be on back order and this is something I discovered more often than not. When I originally researched cribs, my two choices were both on backorder. Luckily, I started looking in advance so the one I purchased was eventually available.

Ultimately, no matter how much research you do, whether the products end up working often depends on your baby. Taking the time to research, read reviews and make knowledge decisions improves the chance that your baby will have the best gear to make your life easier.

Now here is a sneak peek of my little girl’s nursery including some of the products featured in this post.

The Oeuf Rhea Crib was one of the first items I chose for the nursery. After all, babies need a safe place to sleep. I love the overall look and design of the crib. It is well made and finished with non toxic finishes and paint. I ended up choosing the Naturepedic Organic Cotton 2-stage mattress after reading numerous reviews and receiving recommendations from others. It has two sides made for different stages so I can easily flip it once she is a toddler without needing to purchase a different mattress.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more! Featuring Oeuf Rhea Crib and Naturepedic Mattress!

Rhea Crib | Naturepedic Mattress

I’m sure you already heard about the 4Moms Mamaroo. This item was the one item on my list that I debated about purchasing because of the cost and size. It is actually light weight and easy to move. With the different bouncing options, I am hoping that it works well. I am also purchasing the newborn insert to make it more comfortable and cozy for a newborn. In the photo below, you may also spot the Skip Hop Bandana Kitty and BabyLit Secret Garden Book, both of which are a great addition to the nursery.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more! Featuring 4Moms Mamaroo!

4Moms Mamaroo | Skip Hop Bandana Kitty | BabyLit Secret Garden Book

The DockATot is one of those items that just makes sense. It is a cozy little bed that is portable and can be used for everything from sleeping to playing and tummy time. It was highly recommended from a few other moms so I am hoping it works well. I have it in the crib below to show you, but it’s supposed to be used for outside of the crib. You can read more about it here.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more! Featuring DockATot!

DockATot | Rhea Crib | Naturepedic Mattress

For me, a baby memory book is essential. With so many options to choose from, I ultimately decided to purchase Little Darling Baby’s First Year book. So far, I really love that it is simple and beautiful.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more! Featuring Lucy Darling Baby's First Year Memory Book.

Lucy Darling Memory Book

How to Choose the Best Baby Gear and Essentials featuring ten items to have on hand before baby arrives and more! Featuring Lucy Darling Baby's First Year Memory Book.

Other essentials I purchased include the Nuna Mixx Stroller, Nuna Pippa Car Sear, Ergobaby 360 Carrier and Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddles. The stroller was the hardest decision I made because they are a lot of great options available. Ultimately, I liked the price, look, weight and functionality of the Nuna Mixx. It’s also quite easy to use with the Nuna Pippa Car Seat.

The Baby Cubby

Choosing baby gear is easy thanks to The Baby Cubby. I love the convenience of shopping with them and have already purchased three orders. I really love that The Baby Cubby isn’t just another baby store. They are so much more than that. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, they are a valuable resource and guide for choosing baby gear. The Baby Cubby team is made up of actual parents who have been there, know what works and are passionate about encouraging and inspiring other parents. They provide a relaxing and encouraging shopping experience and offer excellent customer service.

In addition, The Baby Cubby:

  • offers great promotions and sales (follow on Instagram and Facebook)
  • always price matches, even Amazon!
  • offers free shipping nationwide at over $49
  • has both an online shop and physical store in Lindon, Utah
  • offers product guides and other parenting resources on their community blog
  • provides personalized service

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a $100 gift card towards the purchase of any products at The Baby Cubby. In addition to the $100 gift card giveaway, The Baby Cubby is offering all Spoonful of Flavor readers 10% off their entire order. Enter SPOONFULOFFLAVOR at checkout. Offer code is valid from June 15th through June 25th.

This guide and giveaway was created in collaboration with The Baby Cubby. I researched and chose all of the items featured in this post on my own. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wonderful roundup. I would absolutely say talking with real moms is a huge help. When I had my first child I bought and registered for so many items I never even ended up using.

  2. I would use it for a Dock A Tot

  3. I want to buy them all so much. I will use the gift card to either buy Mamaroo or DockAtot

  4. These are really great tips! Talking to real moms is especially helpful. My best friend crossed half the things off my registry, saying I wouldn’t really need them (and she was absolutely right). Thanks for joining us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

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