June 2013 Life through my phone

June 2013 life through my phone includes highlights from my life on Instagram including delectable cupcakes and fun summer happenings.

With the demise of Google Reader, I’ve spent the last month searching for a worthy replacement. I’m going to miss Google Reader. I have to admit, I was somewhat in denial that it was going away and probably waited too long to try to find a replacement.

A lot of bloggers recommend Feedlyor Bloglovin. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried both and have decided to use Bloglovin, unless something else comes along that is a worthy replacement.  What are you currently using for a blog reader?

Once you decide what you are using, please make sure to follow my blog.


June was a relatively busy month. We started some of our summer travels and I enjoyed taking a few days off of work.

June Instagram

Life through my phone

1. At the beginning of June, we spent a long weekend on the gulf coast. This was our view from dinner one night.
2. Despite rain almost the whole weekend we were down at the beach, we spent a day kayaking along the bay.
3. The overcast skies were perfect for kayaking.
4. I wish I could have gone myself, but my parents brought back delicious toffee from Bouchon Bakery.
5. Fresh cut zinnias from my summer garden.
6. I made a bunch of cupcakes for a party and saved one for myself to enjoy. Some days, a cupcake is the perfect lunch.
7. We hung a swing from the big live oak tree in our backyard. It’s a lot of fun.
8. I bought a new suitcase to get ready for our summer travels and Ollie wouldn’t let me get rid of the old one. He loves suitcases.
9. The beach is my favorite place to be during the summer.