Spring Blooms in Florida – Part II

Spring Blooms in Florida includes my favorite flowers, roses, fruit trees and more beautiful blooms that grow in North Florida!


Spring Blooms in Florida

Fresh Cut Louis Philippe Rose
I posted about this rose before. It is my favorite rose. I love how it looks similar to a peony, so lush and delicate. Peonies are my favorite flower, but since we can’t grow them here in Florida, this Louis Philippe rose is a good substitute. It also has the most gorgeous sweet scent.


Sweet Peas
My sweet peas bloomed! I am so glad that they bloomed this year. Sweet peas are also a favorite of mine. After trying to grow them last year with no success, I planted them really early in the winter and they have bloomed for the past few weeks.


Miscellaneous flowers
planted in my raised bed garden


The Larkspur has just started blooming. I planted these for the first time this year in my raised bed flower garden. They are a pretty color and attract hummingbirds.


Planted from seed.




Pineapple Guava Flower
Pineapple Guava plants make a great hedge. We have them planted along our property line on one side and they are a nice plant with unique flowers. Some people add the flowers to a salad or eat them fresh off the tree since they have a sweet, fruity flavor.

And just for fun, here are some pics of a recent weekend trip to the Florida gulf coast. I love taking our first trip to the beach every year because it means summer is right around the corner.

IMG_3712 IMG_3724-2 IMG_3737-2 IMG_3764