Spring Blooms in Florida


Spring Blooms in Florida

 Japanese Magnolia
When I lived up north, by April we would just about be starting to thaw out from the cold, snowy winter weather. In Florida, we’ve been in warmer weather mode now for quite a few weeks. Ever since I took a pic of this Japanese magnolia bloom over a month ago, spring has been in full bloom.


 Louis Philippe Rose
This Louis Phillippe rose blooms almost all year round. It is a gorgeous rose and smells lovely. It’s also the only rose that I’ve had any luck growing. Since we are fencing in our yard this month, I’ll be looking to get a few more rose bushes to line the fence. Any suggestions?


Peach 2

Fruit Trees

 Apple Tree Blossoms
These trees were planted a few years ago and are starting to do well. This is the first year we’ve had this many apples and peaches. We are looking forward to the fresh fruit.

Peach tree

 Peach Tree
The peach tree was only planted a year ago and it already has many peaches. I’ve heard that peaches can be somewhat difficult to grow in Florida. We put fireplace ashes around the base of the tree to keep the pests away and it seems to be working.

Lemon tree

Meyer Lemon Tree
We barely finished the last of our lemons before flowers started blooming. There are so many blooms again this year so we have many more lemons to look forward to next winter.


 Loquat Tree
We have a ton of loquats this year. They are actually pretty tasty but not very easy to cook or bake with. We did not plant this tree but they are very popular in Florida.


Our blueberry bushes are doing better and better each year. I love picking them right off the bush to eat. I’m really looking forward to harvesting them this year.


While I was a little worried about the strawberries a few weeks ago, lately they seem to be doing really well. I harvested a bunch this weekend and there are still a lot of  berries and flowers.


 Succulent garden
I had two of these small succulent gardens made as centerpieces for a dinner party a few months back. I love them and they are doing really well. Right now we have them in our cactus garden.

Pink flowers

Pink Flowers
More spring color!