Stitch Fix – November 2013 Review

Since I had such a good experience with my first fix, I was a little worried that my second fix wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I was so happy when I opened my box and found a few items that I loved. I love Stitch Fix because it is convenient, fun and can be customized based on my own style.


Stitch Fix reminds me of the personal stylists that they have at Nordstrom or similar stores, except I’ll never actually meet my stylist and all of the items are shipped directly to my door. When you sign up, they ask you to fill out a style profile, where you specify sizes, price ranges, shapes, styles and any colors or patterns that you prefer. You pick a date that you want your fix shipped and they send you a box of 5 clothing and accessory items hand-picked based on your style profile. You can schedule one delivery or sign up for automatic monthly deliveries. You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, which also includes delivery. The $20 styling fee is applied as a credit towards anything you keep from your box. If you purchase everything in your box, you receive 25% off the entire purchase.

To read more about how Stitch Fix works and to read the review of my first fix click here: Stitch Fix – October 2013 Review


So here is my second Stitch Fix box:

Stitch Fix November

My stylist wrote a nice little note about how she enjoyed reading my feedback from my first fix so that she can get a better sense of my style and fit. I think that the feedback is essential to receiving a good fix.

Stitch Fix November

I’m not a fashion blogger and don’t ever aspire to be one so please ignore any awkward faces or poses.

Here are the 5 items I received in my box:

(1) Fiancee Wilam Zig-Zag Print Top – $44

My first thought was orange and blue, really? This looks like something you would wear on game day, if you were perhaps a Florida Gator. But, as I mentioned in my last post, I am a Seminole (GO NOLES!), and I can’t see myself wearing the color combination of one of our biggest rivals. I have to be honest, if this shirt was any other color combination then I probably would have kept it. I like bright colors and the chevron detail is fun.

Stitch Fix November

Stitch Fix November

(2) Kensie Breccan Dot Print Mixed Material Blouse – $68

I love this blouse. While it really isn’t anything special, the fit, material and style are perfect. It is light and comfortable and can be dressed up for work or down for the weekends. I have it paired with jeans here and again with the skirt below.

Stitch Fix November

(3) Katherine Barclay Julien Zipper Detail Ponte Skirt – $98

You may think that I have boring taste but I love classic pieces. I work in a fairly conservative office environment where I mostly wear pencil skirts, dresses and suits. I didn’t get a shot of the back, but there is a gold zipper where you would typically have a back slit.  The skirt is high quality, incredibly comfortable and the zipper adds a unique and fun detail to this piece.

Stitch Fix November

Stitch Fix November

(4) Margaret M Kayla Skinny Jean – $98

My stylist must have read my mind. I was just thinking that I need a few fun pairs of colored skinny jeans for the winter. The fit was pretty good. They were stretchy and forgiving. I really debated whether to keep these and had a hard time sending them back. While they were comfortable, the fabric was a little itchy and they almost seemed too stretchy. I hate when you wear a pair of jeans once and they stretch out. Since I never heard of the brand before I wasn’t sure how much they would stretch.

Stitch Fix November IMG_4532

(5) Bay to Baubles Mica Tortoise Triangles Short Necklace -$34

I was a little surprised about the choice of necklace. It is not my style at all and I can’t really see myself wearing it with anything. I have some leopard and animal print items pinned on my Pinterest board so I am guessing that is where my stylist got the idea from, but I’m not a fan of the necklace. Out of all the pieces I received in my first and second box, this is the only piece that I can’t ever see myself wearing because it is not my style.

Stitch Fix November


Stitch Fix November

Stitch Fix November


The winners from this box were #2 (Kensie Breccan Dot Print Mixed Material Blouse) and #3 (Katherine Barclay Julien Zipper Detail Ponte Skirt).

Overall, I was very happy with my second Stitch Fix. I’m still waiting for the fix where I love and keep everything. I know that day will eventually come because I have been really impressed with everything so far. In the meantime, here are a few additional thoughts about Stitch Fix:

  • Each box includes a good mix of pieces. In my first box, I received 3 tops, a dress and a necklace. This time, they mixed it up with a skirt, 2 tops and a necklace. I love the variety of pieces.
  • All of the pieces have been within the price range I specified in my style profile. This box was actually a little cheaper than my last box, and I think that they do a good job of providing a range of options.
  • My stylist does a great job of mixing work with casual pieces. Both tops that I’ve purchased from Stitch Fix are good transition pieces, since I could easily wear them with a pencil skirt or jeans for a more casual look.
  • My stylist does a great job of picking seasonally appropriate pieces. While it does get cold here in Florida, you will never see me wearing a wool sweat or big heavy coat. All of the pieces are a perfect fit for the climate.
  • One of the reasons I love Stitch Fix is because it exposes me to brands and designers that I’ve never heard of or tried before.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, go here to sign up!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I signed up for Stitch Fix and purchased the box myself. I’m sharing my opinions because I think they will help others. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next box.