Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecake Recipe

Mini carrot cake cheesecake is a delightful individual-sized dessert. The carrot cake bottom is moist and flavorful while the cheesecake top is rich and creamy!

One mini carrot cake cheesecake sitting in front of a plate of three cheesecakes.

 Two-in-one desserts are arguably the best kind of desserts! Haley here from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen and today I’m sharing my mini carrot cake cheesecake recipe. The individual-sized desserts are bursting with flavor. From the moist carrot cake bottom to the rich cheesecake top, there’s a good chance you’ll want more than one cheesecake.

Four mini carrot cake cheesecakes sitting on a rectangle plate.

The tricky part about this recipe was getting the layering technique just right. I didn’t want either cake to overwhelm the other. The 2:1 ratio turned out to be the perfect—two parts cheesecake and one part carrot cake. It only seemed natural that the two would blend seamlessly together. After all, carrot cake is almost always topped with cream cheese frosting.

How to make mini carrot cake cheesecake

In a medium  bowl, beat together cream cheese and sugar on medium speed until smooth. Add eggs, vanilla and flour and mix. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and set aside.

In another medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Set aside. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together sugars and vegetable oil until combined. Add the eggs and vanilla and mix until incorporated.

To assemble the cheesecake, line a cupcake tin with paper liners. Scoop one tablespoon of carrot cake batter into each liner and top with two tablespoons of the cheesecake mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 22 minutes or until the edges are set and the centers are still slightly jiggly. Cool to room temperature and then refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes

Tips for making mini cheesecake

  • The easiest way to make individual-sized cheesecakes is to use a cupcake tin and liners.
  • Use a cookie scoop (or tablespoon) to measure the ingredients properly.
  • Gently pour the cheesecake filling layer on top of the carrot cake batter so the two don’t blend together too much.
  • The most difficult part is waiting for the carrot cake cheesecakes to cool and then chill in the refrigerator. It typically takes a few hours for cheesecake to chill, but it is worth the wait. It makes the cheesecake all the more creamy and delicious.
  • Once the mini cheesecakes are chilled, top each with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It adds a nice touch, especially when serving guests!

During the baking process, the two layers bind together and create a little bit of a swirl in the center. The carrot cake bottom acts as a soft, flavorful crust for the rich cheesecake layer.

Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes

Freezing mini cheesecake

Cool the mini cheesecakes completely and then chill or at least 2 hours. Wrap each individual cheesecake in plastic wrap and store in a freezer safe container or bag. Store in the freezer for up to 2 months. Thaw in the refrigerator prior to serving.

Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes

Mini carrot cake cheesecakes are the perfect dessert for Easter or when entertaining for friends. Check out these carrot cupcakes, mini carrot cake whoopie pies or this classic carrot layer cake for more recipes featuring carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.

Try them and let us know what you think!

One mini carrot cake cheesecake on a white background.

Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Yield: 36 mini cheesecakes
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 22 minutes
Cooling Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 37 minutes
The entire family will love this mini dessert! Homemade cheesecake filling is layered over a moist carrot cake.
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For the Cheesecake filling

  • 2 cups cream cheese, room temperature
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoons all-purpose flour

For the Carrot Cake filling

  • 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 pound shredded carrots, (about 2 cups)
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil, (or canola oil)
  • whipped cream, for garnish
  • ground cinnamon, for garnish


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Place paper liners in a standard sized cupcake tin and set aside.
  • In a medium bowl, beat together cream cheese and sugar on medium speed until smooth, about 1 minute. Add eggs, vanilla and flour. Mix until light in color and texture, about 1 more minute. Scrape down the sides of the bowl if necessary. Set aside.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Set aside.
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer (or using a hand mixer), beat together granulated sugar, brown sugar and vegetable oil on medium speed until combined, about 1 minute. Add eggs and vanilla, and mix until incorporated, about 1 more minute. With the mixer on low, slowly add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients. Mix just until combined, about 15 seconds. Stir in the shredded carrots by hand.
  • To assemble, scoop one tablespoon of carrot cake batter into prepared cupcake liners. Top with two tablespoons of cheesecake mixture. Bake for 22 minutes or until the edges of the cheesecake are set and the centers are still slightly jiggly. Cool completely at room temperature, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. Serve chilled.


Calories: 149kcal, Carbohydrates: 14g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 9g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Cholesterol: 37mg, Sodium: 101mg, Potassium: 58mg, Fiber: 0g, Sugar: 10g, Vitamin A: 1255IU, Vitamin C: 0.4mg, Calcium: 23mg, Iron: 0.4mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Author: Ashley C.
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20 comments on “Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecake Recipe”

  1. Is a mini cupcake tray used for this recipe or a regular one?  

  2. Can I make these and freeze them for a week? 

    • Yes, you can freeze the mini cheesecakes. Be sure to chill them first, then transfer to a freezer safe bag or container and freeze for up to 1 month. Thaw in the refrigerator before serving. Enjoy!

  3. Can this recipe be made as one full cheesecake instead of minis? If so, what would be the baking time and oven temp? Thank you, J. Jones

  4. So delicious! Big hit at Easter this year! 

  5. Any idea why the cheesecake part would have just stayed in a ball on top/in the carrot cake part? My Cheesecake seemed too dense and not runny enough.

    • Hmm…it definitely shouldn’t be in a ball after baking. It sounds like maybe the batter was a little thick, although it should smooth out when baking. I recommend allowing the cream cheese to come to room temperature and beating the mixture a little longer to warm up. You can also add a few tablespoons of sour cream or greek yogurt to help smooth out the batter.

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