Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry season is the best season! This guide provides our favorite strawberry recipes including strawberry dessert recipes, strawberry drink recipes and healthy strawberry recipes. Try one or try them all!

A collage of strawberry recipes including desserts, drinks and more.

Strawberry recipes

Strawberries are a great addition to every single meal. They are packed with powerful antioxidants and vitamins. They tastes great combined with other fresh seasonal ingredients and are loaded with flavor. Add strawberries to every single meal including healthy recipes, desserts, drinks and more. This guide provides all of the strawberry recipes you will want like popsicles, Moscow mules, bars, salads, sangria and so much more. Try one or try them all! Let us know what you think.

Strawberry desserts

Don’t miss the opportunity to add strawberries to your favorite dessert recipes. A few of our favorite dessert recipes are below. Try the strawberry red wine popsicles, strawberry cupcakes or strawberry bars.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles

Strawberry red wine popsicles with chocolate sauce on them.

Strawberry Cupcakes
Three strawberry cupcakes

Strawberry Scones

Strawberry Pie
Strawberry Pie - graham cracker crust with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream!

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

A slice of strawberry buttermilk cake 2

Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Dessert

Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Dessert slice with bite on fork

Strawberry Crisp 
This Strawberry Crisp is the best summer dessert ever! Fresh juicy strawberries are topped with a buttery and crumbly oat topping, and is absolutely swoothworthy with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

Strawberry Shortcake Layer Cake

Strawberry Shortcake Layer Cake

No Bake Strawberry Pie Bites
No Bake Strawberry Pie Bites | These No Bake Strawberry Pie Bites are the perfect way to have your summer fruit pie without turning on the oven!

Chocolate Strawberry Cake
An overhead view of a slice of dark chocolate cake with a strawberry filling and a silky buttercream frosting, there are a few strawberries scattered around and two gold forks blurred out in the background.

Roasted Strawberries

Juicy roasted strawberries in a baking dish.

Strawberry Crumble Bars
Strawberry crumble bars are an easy and delicious summer treat! |

Strawberry Wonton Cups

Strawberry Wonton Cups |

Strawberry Cobbler

Strawberry Cobbler

Strawberry cheesecake recipes

Strawberry cheesecake is one of our favorite desserts. These fun recipes are a twist on strawberry cheesecake with everything from bars and cupcakes to ice cream and dip. Go ahead, dig in!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

No churn ice cream recipe | strawberry cheesecake ice cream

Strawberry Cheesecake Dip
Strawberry Cheesecake Dip - made with fresh strawberries!

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes are a delectable dessert made with vanilla cupcakes stuffed with cream cheese filling and topped with strawberry buttercream and fresh berries!

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake
no bake strawberry cheesecake whole

Strawberry Cheesecake Bars

Strawberry cheesecake bars with graham cracker crust is a no bake recipe for Valentine's Day #cheesecake #dessert

Healthy strawberry recipes

Strawberry, Spinach and Asparagus Salad

A large plate of spinach and strawberry salad.

Paleo Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Banana Bread
Paleo Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Banana Bread is made in one bowl and comes together easily! The bread is made with fresh strawberries and is naturally gluten free. #glutenfree #bread #strawberry #banana #paleo #healthyrecipe #recipe

Strawberries and Cream Steel Cut Oatmeal
Strawberries and Cream Steel Cut Oatmeal is a big bowl of fresh strawberry flavor!

Healthy Strawberry Muffins

Make these healthy strawberry muffins to stock your freezer for quick breakfasts and snacks! This easy recipe can make strawberry banana muffins, strawberry applesauce muffins or strawberry yogurt muffins. Dairy-free and vegan options.

Seared Shrimp Avocado Salad with Strawberries

This healthy shrimp avocado dinner salad will leave your family begging for more. Succulent shrimp, crunchy jicama, sweet strawberries and creamy avocado. What's not to love?! 330 calories and 6 Weight Watchers Freestyle SP #shrimp #weightwatchers #recipe

Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather
Easy Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather Recipe from

Fish Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Salsa
Fish Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Salsa are a healthy 30 minute meal with fresh Mexican flair! @FlavortheMoments

Strawberry Mango SalsaChopped mango salsa in a white bowl.

Strawberry Bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta is a simple, elegant and impressive appetizer or light lunch option! Pile fresh strawberries on top of crusty bread with goat cheese and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Lemon ChickenLemon-Chicken-Salad-7

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Popsicles

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Popsicles are the perfect warm weather, summer treat! These popsicles are healthy and taste like dessert. Fresh strawberries, bananas, Greek yogurt, milk and honey create a kid-friendly snack or dessert.

Strawberry drinks

Whether you’re looking for something healthy like a smoothie or something boozy like a sangria, these recipes are sure to please anyone.

Strawberry sangria

A large glass of strawberry sangria with fresh strawberry slices.

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Margarita - a classic strawberry margaritas with freshly squeezed juice and fresh berries!

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Vegan Strawberry Mango Smoothie without Banana

Strawberry Mojito
Strawberry Mojito | Vanilla And Bean

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Homemade Strawberry Milkshake

You haven't had a homemade strawberry milkshake until you make one with fresh basil. This combination is going to blow your mind! Get the fun milkshake recipe on!

Strawberry Moscow Mule
Strawberry Moscow Mules - a lower sugar Moscow Mule recipe with homemade strawberry simple syrup for a skinny cocktail

Strawberry Mango Guava Smoothie

Strawberry, Mango and Guava Smoothie is a refreshing smoothie that can be enjoyed for breakfast or snack! Add all of the ingredients to your blender and enjoy.

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